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Tuesday, January 8

SONG OF THE DAY: Long Live Palestine


Palestine has an active hip hop movement, and in fact hip hop has been part and parcel of Palestinian resistance for a while. My eldest offspring keeps me posted on this shit, and though this Lowkey song is known on the internet, apparently the version featuring DAM and other Palestinian artists was bigger for the people, because despite blockades and lack of movement for people to and from Palestine, there was a performance of this song where the people physically in Palestine performed on a stage there, with those outside as part of the worldwide diaspora. As fucked up as the internet is, as a whole, it still has those little glimmers of connecting us. In fact, I’d say that’s why the internet got fucked up, because it did connect people, outside of the mainstream, so the mainstream worked to re-corral everything. Whereas everybody had their own fucked up little websites back in the day, everything is filtered through search engine and social media algorithms now, and you and I as regular people don’t have the same access to how the algorithm works as those with the money to gain access. Internet is still a mycelium though, not a machine, and though the algorithms are worked, that shit breaks eventually. The underground tendrils will always remain once the superficial layer up top is scraped away.

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