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Wednesday, January 2

SONG OF THE DAY: Sousoume Tamacheck

Mdou Moctar is my favorite shit to be honest. Saw him last year the night before Ramadan, when I made first ultimately unsuccessful attempt at observing it. Still though, it was a most beautiful metaphysical experience to launch myself into that try, especially since I saw him perform at Strange Matter (R.I.P.) – a club where I had many drunken excursions in my younger days, some good some bad some really good some really bad, but hey that’s life in this drunken universe. Moctar and his band are touring the east coast the next few weeks, and I wish I could see all the shows, but likely only going to one due to life being life. But even when trapped behind these stifling fences and walls whoever is in charge keeps putting up everywhere when none of the rest of us are looking, life is good. Lot of folks were being melodramatic about changing of the calendar, acting as if the past year was the most wretched of all. I certainly had some of the hardest issues to deal with in my life expand and explode in 2018, but it was still a pretty amazing year, and on the whole some wonderful things happened. Hard to hate a calendar, other than basic distrust of calendar itself. Plus, if I did just switch to Islamic calendar, sure 1439 was a rough year for ya boy, 1440’s been pretty great to be honest.

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