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Friday, January 25

SONG OF THE DAY: tH3 r4p (45s on 33)

Millie Jackson has it down pat, recognizing the space needed in alternative relationships, and also setting her own boundaries, specifically the lack of washing other people’s funky draws. But mostly listening to this classic vinyl rip into cyberworld reminds me I have my turntable hooked up again, and purple christmas lights, which I should just call life lights because they’re more for regular life than christ things, and I’ve got a giant stack of 45s over there across the room, just begging to be slowed down to 33, to manifest an intention to slow down this life itself. MP3s don’t have speed, so we think this rapid-fire pace is the way the world is. Shit man, J. Cole just dropped new tracks yesterday and already half the world has declared them a triumph or failure and people steadily cranking out thinkpieces about SHIT THAT CAME OUT YESTERDAY. Slow the fuck down y’all. Slow the fuck down.

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