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Thursday, January 3

SONG OF THE DAY: Stefflon Don

[Because the end of this Westside Gunn song is a clip of ECW commentary about Sabu breaking his neck, I decided to do some robot poetry, taking two paragraphs of Sabu’s Wikipedia page, about his injuries in ECW, running them through google translate from English to Arabic to Persian to Punjabi to Japanese to Spanish to English, and then giving it some line breaks. This is poetry, ya bish.]

Funk said he saw something that did nothing to date.
Some of the engineers equipped with very telegraphic lines
were executed from the dead end of the race and
disappeared into the fences. Never set
another date such as "Failed
because the ECW problems of other games could not be resolved".

The runner had an excellent loss record that broke the ribs
during ECW's tenure, broke his jaw and broke his neck twice.
He broke his neck, remember the game with Chris
Beniwit in November
1994 this time. Instead of what
I might be able to transform into the air
of Burung over Bump Florajia and
I might be able to do, and
it looks like a bite in the back and head of
And Benoit Sabu I
landed on top and got damaged.

In December of 1998, when Branch Tazz-Blocks
separated and deviated, they did not compete
with Taj in December 1998.
Brank was able to recover from
neck injuries and return to the plane,
and a month after the crown injury,
He decided two goals for his return to
the United States in the United States.
But, in collaboration with a small tour
after more than two weeks of injury,
he began counting the brakes
of an active Japanese ship.
Brock 2000 was the last ECV
that remained.

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