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Monday, January 7

SONG OF THE DAY: Honest Living

Back at work on the first Monday of the new calendar on the wall, and missed my first bus, but there’s two buses within two blocks of my house so rushed to catch the second, but the app was wrong on timing and I missed that one too. No worries, just walk to the downtown transit station and caught the next bus the rest of the way work, and sat on the bus with my man, and we conspired anti-work pro-art conspiracies together, under the hum of the heating mechanism at the back of the bus. Hopefully nobody heard us being anti-work at our Traditional White Motherfucker University which employs us both. “Honest living” and “making a living” in this U.S. world are hard to reconcile, as work life has been so extremely skewed towards thinking of ourselves as machines which should remain productive at all times we are hired. I’m not even close to a machine.
Anyways, if you are alive today and have to make a living and are not one of the very few privileged enough to still afford dreams, then demarcate your life with some art hopefully, sharpie the bathroom stall, write a haiku on a notecard and tack it up to a pole somewhere, shit even twisted aesthetics instagram pictures you did yourself are a feeble artistic smack against business as usual. This manmade world does not give a single fuck if we cultivate our actual creative nature, and the man vs. nature dichotomy is in fact a poisonous way of thinking put into our heads to propagandize us into believing we are supposed to be productive like machines. We are not. We are supposed to fuck around and enjoy life.

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