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Wednesday, January 30

SONG OF THE DAY: Crying in the Chapel

The metaphysical veil is thick today… I can feel the pressure pushing in on all fronts. The fog machine malfunctions and you can hear the cogs and gears grinding because the oil of forever progress is not sustainable and the mechanisms are struggling to keep up the pace we’ve all been forced to depend upon. Metaphysical land mines are everywhere, exploding into unseen crises, damaged people going about their days as if nothing has happened but inside they are mangled, missing limbs, bleeding to a psychic death, but afraid to admit it on the external level. I rode the bus this morning, simultaneously about to cry and about to smash the shit out of anybody who looked at me wrong. Some kid was in the back with me, playing his fucking phone out loud, blip bloop noises, and there was no fog to hide in, I refused the electronic opioids in my pockets, and stared out the window as construction continued unabated on Main Street of Charlottesville, Virginia, the busy town pretending everything was moving along just fine, everything’s fine. But you can feel it… it’s all really close to breaking down. I wish you well.

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