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Sunday, January 13

SONG OF THE DAY: Don't Believe the Hype

Progress is always hyped up as a bold new step towards the collective Sisyphian ascent to peak humanity. It’s a fucking myth. Stop thinking you can reform or amend or fix this shit. Return to the source. Fuck all future bosses, fuck people who think electing the right people somehow fixes a wrong way of existing. The political boils that have appeared on the superficial face of our existence in such ugly ways go way deeper than the surface. You can’t apply some blue or even green ointment and be healed.
And yet, we are not doomed. I mean, many of us individually might be, but as a whole, we are never doomed. Even if we do nothing, and 90% of the human population is obliterated a three-decade disaster epoch, gonna be some hearty/hardy souls still stumbling around, stacking rocks into altars and building shelter from the storms together. La ilaha illallah, thirty three times in a row, for eternity.

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