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Friday, January 4

SONG OF THE DAY: Waiting for the Moon

Fuck it man, just give me some chill hip hop that’s not stupid as fuck, and people have to convince me to talk myself into being open-minded about its ignorance and intolerance, which to be honest – I’m ignorant as fuck, and can be intolerant too. I just like my art to have some complexity and nuance. So give me some of that sometime, instead of seizure rap. I’m even starting to like shit rap, and also don’t read as much except on my phone, and also think about unimportant shit like Donald Trump tweets or Kanye West, and also feel the buzz of the manufactured electrons in my third eye region, and also have been neutralized, and also neutered of creative thought. Future is great.
But then like three minutes after setting this up to post, discussed how people have horrible opinions about music online, especially rap, and realized to myself that a lot of the rap people hate is just the shit that should be expected from heavy digital cloud world combined with heavy pharmaceutical fog world we've built in the past fifteen years. It's like being mad the sun came up and is dulled out behind the pollution in the sky from the factories.

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