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Wednesday, January 9


My children tolerate Drake, and in fact think he’s a good rapper. This has always bothered me, but you know, when you’re old and talk about how wack shit y’all kids be listening to is wack shit, the kids just roll their eyes inside their heart and consider you irrelevant. That’s why when “Adidon” came out, it was a wonderful talking point to have a teaching moment that my daughters could understand, that Drake actually was horrible, because he didn’t take care of his child. And it briefly worked, for a split second, because all my daughters are woke at least to internet levels (which I think is a prerequisite for being adolescent now), but then I went too far. I started talking about how Pusha T was from Virginia, and tbh they didn’t give a fuck about Pusha T. I think that’s the disconnect there – that Drake fans don’t give a fuck about Pusha T, and never will. It’s like telling someone in Arizona there’s bad traffic in southern California. So? We get so caught up as hip hop fans in the realest real of hip hop being real and property recognized as authentically real, we forget that the fucking world is manufactured and plastic and even realness looks fake to most people. And also something that was real ten years ago which is no longer as grimy and gritty as it once was can position itself against something fake and plastic and seem real. A shitty knife cuts through plastic doll. And I think that’s where I ended up with the Pusha T/Drake manufactured beef – that it was embarrassing for Pusha T to even be involved. Still though, the song is funny as fuck because it was legit diss song for once, not just posturing. Drake is still on pop radio, and somehow Rap-a-Lot Records makes money off this, which does sort of please me, that somehow J Prince is record industry Mafioso now. But that also disappoints me because he did that off of the Geto Boys, and the executives always end up wealthy while the artists end up never as wealthy and often broke. Lolol fuck everything, y’all.

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