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Wednesday, May 9

MNZ: Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine May 2007

Boy, I’m getting tired of Juxtapoz. Seems like the same shit each month. Also, this Ryan McGinley dude has become sudden nemesis. I never heard of the dude till I snagged that New York magazine out the free bin a few weeks ago, and now it seems everywhere I turn I see that guy’s stuff. I guess of that little artsy decadent triumvirate (him, the Dan Colen guy, and Dash Snow), he’s the one I actually find entertainment in his stuff, as it’s actual pictures of regular shaped (meaning non-porndolized) naked people doing stupid shit, whereas that other guy’s big thing is “Wow, I hung a Jew prayer shawl over my dick,” and that other other guy’s thing is “I’m so scummy and crazy, and yet my family’s worth a bazillion dollars!” Whatever. I think maybe I get a hold of too many “street art” style magazines, because all the shit is starting to look the same. Can’t they have like a retarded homeless guy’s intricate bamboo etchings or some old lady gluing jellybeans into a mural of Communist leaders or something, to give it some balance? (Haha, I just noticed when I went to the Juxtapoz website that subscribers get a different cover than newsstands, so the cover I have isn’t available online for another two weeks. I guess I should care, but I probably already clipped an “xt” off the banner for ransom letters. In case you’re wondering, I needed to spell the word “extra”.)

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