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Thursday, May 3

PP: Part 3

This guy was just kinda laying in some grass in front of a house and looked like it might be there for some sort of reason, but not really. The round shape of these old bombers is aesthetically pleasing, and I can see how old Mexicans thought that shit would look good with the crazy ridiculousness of a zoot suit.

Anyone who’s read my zine or old website has heard about this stupid Datsun. I bought it for $500 and put 100,000 miles on it, and it’s sat in a field beside my house along the road front for the last five years or so. Some kid stopped by the other week asking if I wanted to sell it and I told him how fucked it was but he claimed he still wanted so give him a price and I said $150, but he hasn’t come back. Another toothless redneck dude stopped by to ask my wife if he could take it for junk. She told him of my plan to saw the top off, fill it with topsoil and plant a couple of forsythia bushes in it. Apparently, the redneck gave a deep toothless belly laugh at the thought of this.

I can’t figure out what the deal is with this van. Bulletholes on the side, rusty, but with some weird metallic armor crimping technique going on along the wheel skirt, which I don’t understand at all. Plus, it still had nice rims and tires, but was just sitting uncared for on a logging lot. I got kinda freaked out looking at it, expecting some dude with half my laid backness and twice my paranoia to come roaring out from behind a stack of cut pine trees to stab me with scrap rebar. I mean, a van this odd doesn’t just sit around for no reason I’d think.

This was sitting on cinderblocks and wheels in front of a garage. I stopped and asked the old dude inside if he minded if I took a picture; he said no. As I was getting ready to do it, another old dude in mechanic’s outfit comes rolling out to ask me if I wanted that van. I said no and sheepishly explained my retardedness about taking Polaroids of old shit. He told me the van was getting sent to the dump to be crushed the next day, so he was just making sure. This is probably the last picture of this van ever taken while it was still alive.

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