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Wednesday, May 9

MNZ: Vice Magazine Volume 14 Number 4

This might be one of the stupider magazines I’ve come across. It’s like the internet, but printed on glossy paper. I guess the Filipino jail thing wasn’t too bad, and the Filipino chick prisoners were the source for massive sexual fantasies when cross-referenced with bad B-movie cinema viewing from my past. And reading about the dude who built the giant hexagonal bus shelter underground encased in cement was inspirational on a kook level, but this magazine is so smarmy. And poorly written a lot of times. I guess the shocking idea of sex with underage whores in southeast Asia or getting straight guys to let you suck their dick is supposed to enough, so writing about it like a shitty 14-year-old’s first zine is all you need on the writing tip to pull it off. And look, Ryan McGinley again. And oh yeah, some dumb bitch needed a xanax and a codeine pill to get a stupid India ink sewing needle tattoo. I guess I could see that being okay, because we all love a good excuse to take pharmaceuticals, but to have pictures documenting the bullshit? Mad corny. But shit, what do I know… these are NYC attitude artfucks where nothing’s sacred, so I’m just a herb for not understanding that. Always on the outside looking in.

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