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Wednesday, May 9

MNZ: Swindle Number 11

They’ll probably prove me wrong next issue, but Swindle is my favorite magazine right now. It’s like the opposite of Vice, in that instead of being cooler-than-thou and hating on shit in smarmy afraid to put your true passions out there manner, Swindle is enthusiastic about everything in their magazine. Some of it can be stupid, to me, but it’s always interesting. Hell, the last issue even had an interview with Henry Rollins, who is high on my not-enjoyed list, and that was a good read. This issue had a feature on Pro Wrestling Guerrilla out of Southern California, and with me being in an internal battle with the homo-osity of the grapplefights, I wasn’t sure what I’d make of it. But the article wasn’t all “so this guy did this or that” and like middle school lunchrooms, but just a nice quick exposure piece on four of the people who work for PWG. It was a good piece, and a good issue. I think a subscription is like a thousand dollars, but someone bought it for me and so far, it’s been way more than worth it. I’m bummed it only comes out every other month, but I guess if it came more often, it’d start to be Juxtapoz.

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