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Wednesday, May 9

Legend Brown Ale

Legend is a brewing place in Richmond, and I bought this particular double deuce originally for my wife's consumption while in Richmond a week or two ago. You snooze you lose.
AFFORDABILITY: Not very. Overpriced because I think Legend opened in trendy Shockoe Bottom (type of place that has cobblestone road still in the middle of the city) back when "micro-brews" was new to the American lexicon. This means they learned early the value of the gouge. 1 out of 5.

DESTROYABILITY: I'll give it credit, it'll tear you up. It is infamous for that amongst the near west end used to go to VCU let's have a cookout and get a keg jetset. 4 out of 5.
LABEL AESTHETIC: The pic up above is the old label, as now it has (at least on my double deuce bottle) a yellow one. Unicorns are cool and all, with wheat shooting out from behind it, but with it all being pastel colored and shit, it's kinda gay. 2 out of 5 though.
CORPORATE MASTER: Legend Brewing Company, which means no evil overlord master; but it's in Shockoe Bottom, like I said, so it's trendy non-egalitarian royalty fuckers. 3 out of 5 though. (Note: upon further reflection today, I remembered the trendy fuckwad spot is Richbrau, and Legend was a more laid back spot in the industrial wasteland that is the other side of the river near Hull Street in Richmond. Still, I'm not crediting the points here or for overall ambiance, because if I got that shit mixed up, then it must not be awesome enough for me to remember. Or I drink too much.)
OVERALL AMBIANCE: I remember from those aforementioned trendy parties that Legend Brown Ale gives the worst next day headache ever (for non-malt liquor/high gravity beers), perhaps only challenged by Budweiser (it's the rice a redneck dude once explained to me in too much detail). 1 out of 5.
TOTAL RATING: 2 & 1/5 stars!

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