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Tuesday, May 8

MNZ: Vanity Fair April 2007

I think with the media barrage hype of the last season of The Sopranos, I was check-out line tricked into buying this issue because of the Sopranos cover story. I had completely forgotten, in between loading my green peppers, dark red kidney beans, and ground turkey meat onto the conveyor belt, that Vanity Fair is actually pretty much a piece of shit overrated magazine. There was a good article on a prison gang in Sao Paulo, Brazil, taking over the actual city itself. The part I found interesting, and I read another similar article recently about Filipino jails, is how the prisons are not guarded on the inside and a weird order has developed, one with the same systems of justice and checks and balances that you’d expect a government to deliver, but without the obvious corruption. Makes you wonder why everyone pussyfoots around with this Dem. and Rep. bullshit and we don’t just slit the throats of everybody in charge every twenty years or so. It seems like a fair order usually arises from chaos, but also that a pretty corrupt order usually arises from a fair order, and the longer you let it go orderly, the worse it gets, which I guess is like chaos, or at least leads to it eventually, so it’s all a cycle. This means it doesn’t matter who you vote for, you stupid fuck.

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