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Wednesday, May 9

MNZ: Raw Vision Spring 2007

I got a subscription to Raw Vision because I had hoped it was going to be wonderful weirdo schizophrenic art and strange rural folk art and manic depressive preachers building bible scenes out of concrete. It is not usually that, though most issues have one thing I’m totally stoked about. This issue did not come through like that. It did have a number of articles of interest, but when I see some crazy shit, and then there’s a photo of the dude who does it and he looks like he’d be best pals with Tony Hawk, it kills the aura of outsiderness for me. That’s probably my own problem, but fuck it, that’s just how I am. I was bummed to be reminded I was going to have to miss the kinetic sculpture races at the American Visionary Art Museum this past weekend because of prior commitments. I need to go to that place more, and need to take the kids to more crazy shit like that. My kids hang out with too many goofy ballet kids and soccer kids, although I guess aside from ballet and soccer, my oldest kid’s also taken primitive survival skills classes already, and starting an underground newspaper with some other homeschooled kids. I just want to make sure she’s not trapped in the Subaru Whole Foods Blue States matrix as an adult. Not that I want her to be a meth-addled prostitute or anything, I just don’t want her to be typecast and stuck in any stereotype.

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