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Tuesday, May 8

MNZ: Punk Planet May/June 2007

Usually, there’s at least one or two features of somebody in PP that’ll keep it in my bathroom peach crate rotation for a few weeks, but this STUDENT ACTIVISM NOW issue had nothing. I never even made it to the columns because it went into my done milk crate almost immediately. Liberal punk rock politix is so fuckin’ stupid to me, mostly from living with this dude back in college, who was straight up PC punk to the hilt. It was a trying experience, and hard to remember that we were good friends before living together, but I think we both grew in opposite directions, so me and Brown playing Super Nintendo while selling weed to random people who rolled by was hard for PC punk rawk politix dude to handle. Punk Planet always reminds me of him and makes me roll my eyes if there’s nothing stupid to read in it. This issue had nothing at all that catered to drunkard anti-socials like myself. All crappy Bushitler living wage bullshit.

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