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Friday, May 25

MNZ: Mass Appeal Issue 45

Mass Appeal is a great great magazine, and I'm glad to see the R.A. the Rugged Man not writing for them no more was just a goofy work last issue. This issue cover story is on Transformers and they've got this dude inside featured who has the maddest dork collection of Transformers ever assembled. It amazes me grown men get into this shit. I mean, I don't think I barely got into the shit when I was a kid, mostly because my broke-ass folks couldn't afford Transformers, so I'd get Dollar General knock-offs that rarely survived one or two battles with my Dollar General G.I. Joe knock-offs in the muddy ditch in front of the house. Pieces of shit.
Nonetheless, the fun thing about Mass Appeal is how geniunely enthused it is. I am used to the internet, where everybody hates everything, and if something is good, you learn to overanalyze it until it sucks. Every hot chick is ugly and every ugly chick is exotically beautiful. Every great movie is overrated and every Korean action flick nobody has seen is the best cinematographic bullshit since Birth of a Nation. The catchy rapper on high rotation on BET is ignorant but you have to check out the myspace of this vegan muslim dude from Madison, Wisconsin, with a parasitic twin who beatboxes and they rhyme about underground societies battling shadow governments, all in iambic pentameter. It's craziness. Which is why when I get a Mass Appeal, it makes me excited to go take a shit, because I know it'll be some good fun shit like reading Redman play video games to review them, or just some retarded story about a graf artist conning the cops or some wacky bling culture southern rapper over-emphasizing his spiritual orientations for Mass Appeal. I mean fuck, I even liked Livingroom Johnston's stupid shit this month.

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