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Tuesday, May 8

MNZ: Fader April 2007

Fader is a magazine that is great at glossily tricking me every month into thinking I should look into something I don’t know about. Example – soca music. They talked about that shit for a few issues like it was as commonplace as a guitar, so last time I went to the used record store looking for undiscovered gems to add to my collection, I bought two soca records from the early ‘80s, both of which turned out to be basically high-speed pieces of shit. I mean, I can slow it down on the turntable, but it still sorta sucks.
Anyways, Fader always has pretty pictures, including weird third world fashion pictorials, which this issue was Indian (like in Apu) men “dressed up” in slummy districts of some overpopulated Hindi city. The great thing about these fashion pictorials is they could be from last month or fifteen years ago. I enjoy that. And that means you usually have pictures you can cut out to use for covers of mixtapes or mix CDs you make for people if you’re the type of person like I am who likes to make covers to try and trick the person into over-sentimentalizing your mixtape or mix CD you gave them, thus they keep it around and that boosts your ego as if you’re some sort of musical genius, just not with playing music but accumulating it and putting it together in a pleasing manner from your dork collection. That shit is stupid, but a lot of people are like that.

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