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Saturday, March 15

MNZ: Beautiful/Decay Issue V

Man, when I was on a ask everybody for subscriptions kick, this was one I got. Luckily, this was the last issue. I had been duped by buying an issue that featured some weird ass graffiti art installation nonsense shit called Deutsch Projects that had busted up vans and bathrooms and shit in their installations. Every issue I've gotten from my subscription has been progressively worse. This one is terrible, full of pretentious bullshit. Super pretentious bullshit. And apparently this started out as a graf magazine at some point. That seems hard to believe, but it also makes me think of someone you used to smoke weed with who was good at doing impressions of the scummy guys you scored smoke off of who you see again six years later and he does performance art pieces where like he has videos in the background of naked chicks dancing in dark basements with Ronald Reagan masks on. Do not ever accept a copy of Beautiful/Decay, even if someone gives it to you. Well, I guess in that case it's okay, because it's good to familiarize yourself with the enemy, and regardless of how subversive they think they are, once someone becomes so immersed in a sub-culture like "subversive art" (or whatever the fuck this is supposed to be out) that they lose all ability to relate to random people of various situations, then fuck that shit is the enemy. Isn't that basically why all the rich fuckers who rule everybody suck, because they are so out of touch with the majority yet they force their belief system on everybody as being the most righteous? How is shitty performance artist or underground poet any different, other than they only ostracize and over-enforce over differing beliefs in tiny sub-cultures rather than popular culture at large?
Seriously, fuck everybody. I am getting to that point again. I think I will till up my entire two acre yard, plant a lot of vegetables, and use my giant tax rebate thing - whenever we actually get them - to buy as many guns as I can acquire through the local trading post newspaper, free of checks and balances.
I also forgot to mention how Beautiful/Decay always has some goofy font/design theme each issue like they are trying really fucking hard to win some Euro-Award for Magazine Design, and it always makes the thing look fucking stupid.

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