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Tuesday, January 25

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown – December ’10 #8: “Los 7 Pistoleros” by Los Huracanes Del Norte

I listen to far too much norteno music for a white dude who hardly knows that much Spanish any more since he hasn’t worked with Mexicans in like four years. There is something soothing yet masculine about it. Most soothing musics are impotent affairs that leave me feeling like I’m about to go into Whole Foods to try and find a 30cc homeopathic thing of one sort or another. Norteno music is soothing, yet you can hear the beer and heartache and “Fuck, I’ve got to be back at work in five hours, and I haven’t gone to bed yet,” in it. I like that.
Los Huracanes Del Norte are like the number two norteno group behind Los Tigres Del Norte. “Los 7 Pistoleros” is their biggest hit, so far as I can tell from what I like to play the most from their grandes exitos.
Barely related, I have had “mexico cartel” as a Google news search term in my google news for the past two years. That place is so fucked. La Familia, which was the most Robin Hood-esque of all the cartels (and specialized in methamphetamines) has pretty much been completely decimated in the past two months. Yet there’s all sorts of new sub-cartels coming up with Los Zetas as their business model – chop a motherfucker’s head off and hang him from a bridge. Seriously, Mexico is fucked. And it’s trickling into America soon enough. Now don’t get it twisted and think I am one to be like OMG! CLOSE THE BORDERS! because I am not. Fuck, Mexicans own a good chunk of America more than Americans do, regardless of whose name is on the deed right now. Oscar Zeta Acosta taught me that. And if we closed our borders, we wouldn’t have pupusas and lucha libre and awesome co-workers on construction sites everywhere. Mexicans are more American than America is at this point. But Mexico is fucked. And fucked like a teenage runaway who was left along and started doing porn as well as shooting speed… perhaps too far gone to ever be truly saved, because you can’t unwash from the collective mind what has been seen. Once it is in there, it is in there. So even if you could magically make the cartels all disappear tomorrow, which you can’t, Mexico would still be fucked. So sad. And needing more accordion.
STEAL “Los 7 Pistoleros”
Unreleased Prolo!

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