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Tuesday, January 4

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown – November ’10 #7: “Old Folks Boogie” by Little Feat

“Boogie” is one of my favorite words ever, at least right now. I mean, this always changes because words are so subjective and get frozen into one thing that will all of a sudden blow open into something else but then that will get frozen. And it’s not like I have a running list of my 500 favorite words that I’ve been compiling, updating obsessively, thinking about, changing and rearranging, a constant work in progress since 7th grade. Back then, it’s not like I did it on spiral notebooks meant for math problems that I filled the lines with lists that would change every week; and when I had a stack of the lists, I’d weight the rankings to create a cumulative overall list, that would in turn be redone every month. It’s not like I did this through high school, on wide margin loose leaf paper, and that’s where I developed my rhyme writing style of squeezing two lines of lyrics between two gridded lines on the paper, to keep it organized musically in my mind as I read it. It’s not like I have floppy disks that ideally would work on my busted up Brother word processor somewhere in the camper trailer with files called “500wordsA” and “500wordsB” and “500words-real” and so on in about 300 different variations. It’s not like I’ve brought that to the computer age, even in the past year starting a photo blog that is just a countdown of my 500 favorite words ever, at least from a cumulative list made from random 500 lists from the past ten years added together, starting by typing word #500 into google image search, to throw up 3 pictures per word, and I’m barely just begun, not even to 400 yet. It’s not like I’ve done all that throughout my life, about words, and “boogie” has been a pretty constant presence, even being a cumulative top 100 word all the way back to 7th grade. And it’s not like sometimes I get excited about the day when I get to type the word “boogie” into the google image search box and see what it spits out, safesearch settings be damned.
STEAL “Old Folks Boogie”
Black and red leather goes lavender and pink lycra!

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