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Saturday, January 29

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown – January ’11 Intro

It is January. Life is life. It is never easy but it’s better than the alternative, or at least that’s what I tell myself. Much like the world around me, I feel like something major is about to bust open and a new era is gonna dawn. But it’s fucking difficult to see through the haze of the day-to-day. But that doesn’t matter because music distracts your fucking dumb ass, and that’s why it’s for sale everywhere. That’s why I help you steal it. One morning we’ll all wake up and this blog will be gone because the Cybertronic Overlords will deem it a piracy endeavor. And it’ll all be gone, like it never existed.
This month there is old soul on the list, more Alabama rap of course, country and country-ish things, blasts from the past, and a few jazz tunes believe it or not. It is the same stuff I am always listening to, and if you have been following this long enough, it may be boring as you’ve probably seen my prejudices by now, or noticed how I repeat myself. If that is the case, then I suggest you suggest to me new musical directions to go in. I am bored as fuck. Life is boring, and not fulfilling. Unfortunately I have turned myself upside down by debt so I have to maintain my wage slavery. But when I am riding over the James River near New Canton, I always ride down to where Bremo Bluff is, and take that farm road on the right to where there’s the CSX passing zone where the Buckingham Branch line connects, and a lot of times there’s a train idling there. I see the open doors and think, “Man, fuck it.” But I know I’d get cold feet in a few hours. That stretch of double track railroad goes all the way to my Power Site at the end of the road near Shores. I always want to hike the tracks all the way to Bremo Bluff, but there’s a lot of activity there, and I don’t need to get hassled by some old ass white dude who’s worked for the railroads since 1967 and thinks everyone with hair longer than two fingernails is a nigger. But I have an inflatable boat now, and I think once it gets warm a couple good recon missions through that area are in order. Just have to make sure not to touch the toxic mercury water around the Bremo Bluff landing, due to the Dominion Power Plant right there. It is true, you can’t fight progress. But you can sneak around it, mark it up with spray paint, and take pictures of it.
FIRST UP: Old schoolery!

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