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Friday, January 21

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown – November ’10 #1: “Methamphetamine” by Son Volt

I have wanted to be tagging shit with my bobo graffiti for a while, so I started spray paint tagging the backside of guardrails along actual gravel roads in Albemarle County, Virginia, but I didn’t like how it looked. First off, Wal-Mart cheap ass paint is pretty drippy and doesn’t have good coverage, but shit man, good spray paint is expensive. I see why graf writers steal that shit. Also, the dull grey guard rail didn’t give a good background canvas to start with. So I started a couple of different rigs of various failures, until I combined the homemade tattoo gun into a paint tagging mechanism, where I have a two foot long piece of bamboo with a toilet bowl scrubber – the multi-thing foam type – duct-taped to the end of the bamboo. Then I can dip that in paint, and pour some paint down the bamboo tube, and the paint seeps out but it’s kinda like a writing utensil. My graf lettering is pretty weak – I have lots of kick outs of letters and sharp tops, but wish I had flat tops and bouncy bottoms like cholo writing. I could just never get it. I think shit like that is born into you partially, just like for years and years I could never freestyle all fast syllabic pop style like southern rappers or Bone Thugs, then I lived with a guy and that’s just naturally how he did it. I learned, but it was hard.
Anyways, I was riding back roads one full moon evening the other month, looking to tag guardrails, with a home-mixed five-gallon bucket of earthy brown paint (only about 2 gallons of actual paint in the bucket), and saw two old rusty trucks dilapidating in the woods. One of those perfect moments that moment was, so I swung my truck over, dipped my bamboo toilet bowl brush into the paint bucket strapped tight in the back of my truck, went over and wrote in big crooked Raven font letters – RUSTED on both sides of both vehicles, right on the door. It wasn’t huge, not to be completely noticeable and take away from the perfect junkyard feng shui of having rusty ass old vehicles stored amongst the pines to go back to the earth, flake by flake, but it was nice. In fact, in the moonlight – a bright ass cold night, so the paint was drying in little crystal patterns since the metal was so chilled down – the brown RUSTED on the rusted body, truck still having signs of sky blue in there, and I guess the other car was red or orange but it was long gone for sure, shit was beautiful. I had found my tag.
The letters still don’t look cholo at all, but I like how it looks, and I came to it naturally instead of trying to mimic something else. This is why I hate most alt.country because it does not sound natural and is mimicking something else. A guy gave me a slew of songs to DL a few years back, and I didn’t like most of them, for whatever reason, most likely because I’m a hateful asshole. But over the years, each and every one of these songs became ones I loved. Especially Hayes Carll. That dude is great. This one Son Volt song I never liked because I think I thought Son Volt was asshole music or something, the kind of shit cul-de-sac dorks in college wearing straw cowboy hats and drinking PBRs would like. And it probably is. But at some point I stopped hearing this song with my prejudices against that type of person, and heard the actual song itself. And it’s a goddamned beautiful song. Not beautiful in a “put it on a mixtape for a girl” type of way, but beautiful in a “spent all weekend bingeing in a shitty hotel room that had bootholes in the wall and it’s Sunday morning and I’m on a five hour drive home to face some things I wish I didn’t have to face but man, this song really gets it all in there right now doesn’t it?” type way.
STEAL “Methamphetamine”
More fucking music. It’s not like this thing really separates into months so much as it separates into clusters of me having time. So get off my back.


Anonymous said...

I would be so fuckin pissed at you for paintin on my rusty trucks that were all comfortable and peaceful in the woods. It'd be like you altered their mojo not good. But hey luckily I ain't got no rusted trucks in the woods so cool.

Raven Mack said...
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Raven Mack said...

I had said "I wouldn't paint your's. Your one of the good ones." then deleted it since I did "your" instead of "you're" and I hate that, but then it looked like I deleted a comment like I got all mad at you or something, which I didn't, and now the whole joke just wasn't as funny. I don't really paint on rusted trucks. I paint on cop cars.

Anonymous said...

nothing wrong with fucking up some cop cars, i remember one time i went to denny's cuz my brother worked there and we could get free milkshakes and salads in the middle of the night and there were three cop cars sittin' out front and i had on of those mag. 44 phatty markers that smell real strong and so i wrote all over the cars until i saw one of the cops getting up to come out and ran like hell. didn't even get my free milkshake but i can't say i was mad about it. i thought i had struck a blow, but they probably just underpaid some poor bastard to clean it off and didn't give it another thought.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah krylon is the shit, i used to steel the orchard supply hardware cans because they were easy but if you were cutting your own caps to make basketballs,new yorks, and such cheep paint would clog them shits up quick. and you flares wold look all pixelated and shit. one of these days i'm going to get a google account so my shit is not anonmous

Anonymous said...

Said like you know I said that but I'm anonymous. I like that.

Raven Mack said...

I know who you are though. But yeah, it gives you a masked wrestler aura.