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Friday, January 7

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown – November ’10 #5: “2000 & Beyond (screwed & chopped” by Big K.R.I.T.

I think probably every song from the Big K.R.I.T. Wuz Here mixtape will eventually be on the J.J. Krupert lists, because I played the fuck out of that thing, and still do. Oddly enough, I still have never listened to the regular speed one. Even sober, my life is screwed and chopped. I was gonna at some point be all like, “This is my hip hop album of the year, blah blah blah,” but then that’s kinda what I strive not to do with music on my blog is be all current and know-it-all and shit. Why do people feel the need to be experts on the new shit, like they are the filter through which others purchase their new music? And the funny thing is it’s a whole culture of pirating music, yet you want to be recognized as an authority of what’s good, a tastemaker. Why do we feel we need to be so fresh and so new new with music? Has capitalism fucked us that much that we feel inferior if we are talking about something old?
That’s the fucking thing about the Big K.R.I.T. debut offering… I will be talking about it in two years, and four years and eight years. Hopefully the record deal he got off the back of this mixtape will lead to something else worthwhile and not just an endless barrage of hype that peters out into a dribble of a release, leaving a crushed and half broken MC who has had his soul and spirit squeezed from his body by the vicious clutch of the record industry. (See The Clipse, Freddie Gibbs, and eventually Yelawolf and Jay Electronica. Shit, everybody really.)
The one thing I wish I had gotten to do last year but did not was going to the K.R.I.T. show at a local club. He was playing with either Wiz Khalifa or Currensy… I think Khalifa, but both of those dudes, albeit okay, I would not go out of my way for. Flavors of the month, but the year. K.R.I.T. was something that spoke to me, that I could listen to and be like, “Yeah, I think we’ve driven some of the same roads before.”
I will say that 2010 was pretty awesome for music, even though I didn’t keep up with shit. But the following things all were released for public purchase in 2010: K.R.I.T. Wuz Here (of course that was a free mixtape), that fucking awesome Black Mountain CD, “Thank Yuh Jah” by Vybz Kartel (which of course goes hand-in-hand with “Hold Yuh” by Gyptian), and “Box Chevy – Pt. 3” by Yelawolf & Rittz. But don’t take my word too heavily because I didn’t listen to 19,000 things to try and prove to myself how awesome these things were. I just know they were awesome.
STEAL “2000 & Beyond”
Music to do crack in an abandoned warehouse to!

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