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Tuesday, January 25

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown – December ’10 #9: “(Uhuru) African Twist” by Andre Williams

There was some show on PBS the other night about Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek (as well as other stupid old sci-fi shows) and it had the Uhuru lady (who might actually be Uhura… I’m not sure, but for the sake of this tangent at least touching the source song even barely, let’s say “Uhuru”) talking about how she was gonna leave the show, but she got a letter or phone call or something from Martin Luther King Jr., who said he was a fan, and her biggest fan, and she put forth a good image for black people in the future, so she stuck with the gig and Uhuru became a sexual fantasy for millions of blossoming young men for decades to come, no pun intended. I think sometimes we get so caught up in idolizing our heroes, putting them on pedestals, that we think MLK was always silently protesting lunch counters and speaking in front of a million people on the National Mall. We forget that sometimes he was just kicking it, watching him some goddamned Star Trek, thinking to himself, “Man, why would Captain Kirk want to leave that planet with all them blue bitches?”
Did you know the African Twist theory? It’s the idea that in the era of African slavery, which was run by not only whites from the west but more dominant black tribes in Africa… of course, no one is actually white or black at all, but that’s how we’ve all been trained so let’s go with it. But in Darwinistic fashion, the weaker tribes were enslaved and sent to work with the Europeans, to make a nice golden profit for the enslaving tribes, but also to corrupt Europeans with weak tribal bloodlines. The hope was that western civilization would prosper industrially, grow too fast and large to actually support itself because it was no longer a part of a natural community of minerals, plants, and animals, and then fall in on itself. All of this was foretold in various temples to the Anunnaki in the southern part of the African continent, and passed amongst chosen tribes in a way not unlike Freemasonic secrets. We are seeing the first economic steps of this now. Also, if you google shit up, you will see a lot of Chinese investment currently going on in Africa, and there are theories that the Chinese are the next heir apparent to the title of World Financial Super Lord. Except their economic health depends entirely on the western world’s indiscriminant waste of money. We are all tied together economically, so as it crumbles, we will all struggle. Ultimately, that’s the problem with what we’ve been building the last 2000 years.
Oddly enough, it is that same interdependent co-existence that a more tribal society was forced to be. Man has altered everything so heavily, that there’s no return. We’ve taken so big a slice of pie, and progressed the landscape so far, as a man, there’s nothing I can do to live within the proper framework again. I mean, even if I was off-the-grid completely, living like a hobo, I’m still a hobo riding giant metallic trains that blasted through wilderness, and the electromagnetic cellular waves go everywhere.
Luckily, it’s all falling in on itself. Food prices are about to skyrocket, and it won’t be too long before the recession we weren’t in for 8 years under Bush and have been coming out of for 2 years under Obama will degenerate into something even worse that the suit-and-tied faces tell us is not happening. And the African twist is African kids already know how to make really awesome toy cars out of trash scraps of lead wire.
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