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Tuesday, January 25

The Learned Elders of Rojonekku

The Learned Elders of Rojonekku is a sort of Hall of Fame of living human beings that I’ve built and dabbled with for years and years, but started proper inside the internet in the fall of 2010. The criteria for inclusion is very simple: be alive and be human, at least as far as the rest of us know. The ultimate goal is to have 100 living human beings maximum in in this Hall of Learned Elders, with there being convoluted processes I force myself to go through twice a year, with each of those semi-annual processes putting five people in. If no one ever died, that would give us a hundred total after ten years. But of course, people will die, so most likely, this will be a continuous process every six months or so, for up to five inductees.
There is an actual Hall of Learned Elders of Rojonekku, because the point of this is not to flaunt upon the internet who ahs inspired or interested me, but to be a pack of guiding influences for the stray teenagers I am involved with. For me, the title “Learned Elder” is a throwback to when we ran in tribes or smaller villages, and if you had a dispute or needed advice or help with a black magic issue, you’d go to a village elder, who had additional experiences and influences in his or her extra years to hopefully help you through the trifles. It seems in our modern America, amongst many of our social perversions that make us the cancerous civilization we are, we do not respect the elderly. They are seen as weak and often times insane and usually always a hassle to deal with. And with too much health care available to overrule Darwinism, and aluminum fluoride in our drinking water, and just the general overbearing self-important nature of most Americans, that’s probably true a lot of times. But we are muting that experienced wisdom, or even if they are crazy that Universal Magnetic visions, from aiding and abetting us through our lives. I want the stray teenagers who are part of Rojonekku to have a group of living humans who have achieved something or other of note in some sort of way to look at and respect. Not idolize, because idolatry does nothing for your own self. But to respect and learn from. Maybe we can seek some of these people out in real life and sit down with them and gain some spirit from their words or presence. Maybe we never meet any of them. But they are out there, somewhere on the surface of this planet, doing their thing.
And interestingly enough, there is an actual Hall of Learned Elders of Rojonekku. I have a Unabomber-style shack built somewhere in Southside Virginia on family land (Charlotte County, if you want to know the basic location), and it has no electricity, but there’s a woodstove and a bed and a bookshelf and a desk and two windows, one of which looks straight into woodsy overgrowths, and it exists. And as members of this Learned Elders of Rojonekku list are made, I write up rough bios/essays/rants/reasons regarding these people, and along with pictures torn from magazines or copied at the library from actual physical books, and they get wallpapered into the walls. We have three separate places we regularly do Rojonekku-related activities, but this family land where this is at is a spot where a few or our more introspective lessons take place, meaning the Hall of the Learned Elders of Rojonekku is there for my kids to go and sit and think upon whatever they need to think upon. It’s certainly not the same as having an old ass medicine man, but within the confines of our 21st Century lives, it’s the best we can create.

The Learned Elders of Rojonekku (in order of induction)
GABRIEL DUENEZ (fall 2010)
MIROSLAV TICHY (fall 2010)
JIMMY VALIANT (fall 2010)
CHARLES MANSON (fall 2010)
JUNIOR JOHNSON (spring 2011)
DAVID ALLAN COE (spring 2011)
OXANA MALAYA (spring 2011)
VOLLIS SIMPSON (spring 2011)
HARRY CREWS (spring 2011)


Joel said...

Tichy was definitely a lover of the ladies.

Raven Mack said...

it is a dream of mine to own some Tichy prints some day