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Sunday, January 23

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown – December ’10 #11: “Drop” by Earl Sweatshirt

Many rappers lose their chance to shine because they get sent off to jail or get murdered up, handling their business in the streets, but Earl Sweatshirt has disappeared from the rise of OFWGTKA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All) because as this pack of wacky skateboarding kids making music in someone’s bedroom had itself getting some internet fame, Earl’s parents heard his music, and promptly shipped him off to boarding school or a Christian reprogramming center in Utah or something. But Earl was the hottest rapper off the 19 CDs these dudes have released on their various websites in the past two years. I mean, I saw multiple rap nerd blogsites Best Songs of 2010 lists that had Earl Sweatshirt listed right there with shiny store-bought crap like Big Boi and Kanye West and Rick Ross, as well as underground jibber jabber like whatever Alchemist is doing now and whatever is the now flavor from Project Blowed and whoever is the new El-P. They got the internet going nuts, and are starting to have people pay to have them fly around and do shows, which has to be a slice of fucking heaven to a pack of goofy assed skateboarder kids in their late teens who love to say stupid things just to say stupid things. (At one point, my twitter feed - @rojonekku if you do that mind painful crap – was pretty much a battle of too many tweets between Lil B the Based God and Tyler the Creator and the OFWGTKA camp. I eventually got rid of Lil B because you can see him taking himself slightly serious and believing his own hype enough to think he can actually do things in life, like cure AIDS or at least send plenty of shell toe Vans to the Sudan for poor kids; whereas I don’t see OFWGTKA allowing themselves to ever be serious about something. Like if they do, they’ll backlash against themselves. It’s gonna be nonsense, suicide, and drug abuse most likely, plus really fucked up white women for wives who make them crazy.)
[Oddly enough, OFWGTKA is playing somewhere in D.C. next month on my birthday - Valentine's Day - and I would go if I wasn't an old ass white dude who has a stupid job to go to every day. But still, strange timing.]
Anyways, Earl Sweatshirt is out there on parental lockdown, institutionalized like Suicidal Tendencies twenty-five years ago. And yet his music is right here for you to hear, right fucking now. Man, this is a massively distracting world, isn’t it? I’m not sure I fault the good Mr. and Mrs. Sweatshirt for putting young Earl into whatever they put him into. Hopefully it’ll just repress him even more so that when he is released back unto the world, he is a foaming, fiending mess of sexual and psychological tension, ready to rhythmically unfurl itself upon an unsuspecting world always looking for the next big thing to attach itself to before anyone else does.
STEAL “Drop”
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