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Wednesday, January 26

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown – December ’10 #6: “Got It Bad Y’all” by King Tee featuring Tha Alkaholiks

If I had to pick one 12-inch single from my vast but dwindling hip hop 12-inch single collection from back in the days that would be the only one I could hold onto for now ‘til infinity, it would be the “Got It Bad Y’all” single by King Tee that introduced me to Tha Alkaholiks (minus Tash, who was in jail at the time of recording). Not only is this fucking song the greatest fucking ode to being drunk that came out in the early to mid 1990s, there is a funky piano remix on the single that when properly slowed down to a slurpy crawl, is just about the greatest fucking thing that ever existed. I have an old ’86 Subaru stationwagon back in the woods that I’ve sold both rear doors off of, as well as the front windshield and the driver’s side window (not to mention various other cosmetic parts), three of the four wheels, as well as a couple of engine parts that make it not crank-uppable anymore. But the radio still works, and I have put onto cassette a 20-minute slowed down repeat of the funky piano mix that I will go out there and sit in the Subaru and listen, though I have to take a good battery out and put it in the Subaru. The cassette is actually an old copy of that Black Sheep tape that I did the old scotch tape over the spot where the recording tab would be to get it to record trick. I love from time to time to sit out there and let the funky piano mix pump, and I sit in the Subaru and grab the wheel and pretend I’m driving through the streets of ancient African cities but in a modern car and they have lots of Nollywood movies for sale at tables along the cobblestone streets, but they’re not DVDs – they’re these little rods that look like the small fuses that go in Christmas lights that you plug into the bottom of an Ipod type device and the movie beams inside your head. So there’s also these little storage unit type pods you can rent so you can watch movies while out without getting pickpocketed while zoning out. I’ve never stopped to buy one of the movies because usually I’m busy pretending hard enough just to drive my beat up Subaru through imaginary ancient African cities, but futuristic, when all I can see through a non-windshield in front of me is raggedy pine trees.
I’ve been dreaming about the Anunnaki a lot lately. Not sure why, because I didn’t even know what it was when I started dreaming about them about a month after I quit drinking. (I find it odd how a blurb about an ode to drinking ended up talking about dreams I’ve been constantly visited by since quitting drinking.) I mean, I vaguely recognized it as something that looked sort of Egyptian, and honestly, it made me think of Yul Brenner in The Ten Commandments all the time at first… like I thought I was dreaming about weird animal/Yul Brenner people. But the spaceships and blending of ancient with futuristic kinda tripped me out, because I’m not a sci fi geek at all.
I used to years ago have dreams of reading books I’d written, and I would wake up and be upset I couldn’t put down all of what I read or even remember much beyond some of the major points that struck me while I was reading my own books in my dreams. But lately, as well as the Anunnaki dreams, I’ve been reading books again, and it looks like my handwriting, sort of, but it’s just scribbles that fill the pages of dollar store composition books. And I feel really proud when I’m reading them in my dreams, like it’s some next level shit that’s inside of me or I will eventually do, but I can’t read it all, like there’s no discernible meaning to it attached to normal letters and words. I don’t know. I get all hyped up that perhaps these dreams are being sent to me on purpose to try and write these things as I see them, before the alleged return of the Anunnaki that internet freaks in odd corners of the interweb suggest might happen next year, but I don’t believe in that crazy shit. Still, I think about how I really need to start trying to write those things in my real waking life, before it’s too late, and then when I think about it too much, I’ll get all “lololol you dumb ass” on myself and see if Family Guy is on TV.
STEAL “Got It Bad Y’all”
A song by a band I never heard of, not even now!

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