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Saturday, January 22

Weekly Recap

I have not done much with myself, but there are some things going on. Mostly, I have been laid up in my stupid bed this week, to the point I am going mad with frustrated energy. But beyond here, I am still doing things at the Armchair Linebacker blog, which still includes bitching about the stupid Redskins. But my weekly NFL thing is located there now, and this week was about the conference championships, if you be caring. Also started contributing to a beisbol blog called Baseball Feelings, and I did a thing about baseball payrolls last year and how much teams paid for each victory they had. It's fucking ridiculous.
But more importantly to me, I started a photo blog called Cyclotron 3000. The world doesn't exactly need another picture blog, but I have been bored, I guess, or inactive, or something. Or I just want a compendium of weird pics to use for brainwashing myself. I'm not sure. I tried tumblr, but the one thing I learned was that tumblr sucks. Seriously, I do not say that from the "I don't like to do things differently" angle, but because I set a bunch of shit up, it was queued, and never did anything. Tags wouldn't show, and it was impossible to edit, so fuck tumblr.
I also want to mention and give a Big Ups to The Acid Sweat Lodge, which is my favorite picture blog of forever. I love that place, and have co-opted many images from there for using in the J.J. Krupert write-ups. I won't be using any Acid Sweat Lodge images at the Cyclotron 3000, at least not on purpose. When homeless guys drink with me by the river and talk about aliens on earth and I pull out my laptop to show them proof of alien technology on earth, it is the website I take them to as an example of how this evil technology can be used for awesome.
So yeah. What's up with you?


jason said...

Thanks for the shoutout to ASL, I had been wondering how you were finding all of these incredibly badass images. I'm probably not going to get anything done for the next two weeks while I go through the entire site now.

Raven Mack said...

the ones I'm doing on my trigger picture blog are all just google image searches, but yeah, I started building a folder about a year ago of pics for this blog, and about half of them probably originiated at ASL. it's a fun place to get lost. they do mixes too, which are usually pretty interesting.