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Sunday, July 1

World Cup Tanka: CROATIA vs. DENMARK (Match 52)

Croatia has chance 
to make shocking run, behind 
Modric and them boys 

Balkan/Slavic football has 
immense World Cup history 

my general lack 
of support for Europe means 
Denmark's off radar 

second-tier teams not former 
Yugoslav states miss my gaze 

the Danes drizzle in 
second-minute goal, before 
we're even settled 

Mandzukic answers quickly; 
are we off to the races? 

digital era 
so at halftime, disappeared 
for three-hour wander 

walking through my small city's 
not-yet-rebuilt underside 

"I can always watch 
the replay online when I 
get back home," I thought 

coconut water from the 
immigrant mall tienda 

graffiti under 
bridges, kudzu and bamboo - 
also immigrants 

a handless Undertaker 
figure for free beside street 

someone driving by 
yells "RAVEN MACK!"; down with all, 
so I holler back 

got home disinterested 
in staring at internet 

real life's powerful, 
a better place to get lost 
than screen rabbit holes 

now naked and stankin' from 
thick southern humidity 

looks like Croatia 
advanced on another one 
gone to penalties 

good weekend fix by FIFA 
to lure in Americans 

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