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Tuesday, July 3

twitter renga #0618

[twitter renga done one tanka at a time 
at my @rojonekku twit acct, monthly

wonder "is this real?" 
all too often lately; life's 
a strange clusterfuck 

continue the fuck forward, 
without an ultimate point 

no purpose to life - 
that's not nihilist's cop-out, 
but life's still simple 

it's not a game to be won; 
there's no movie-like ending 

each day is a chance 
to either let life straddle 
your face pleasantly 

or squeeze your heart with tension; 
I shoot for serotonin 

too poor for hobbies 
other than writing nonsense 
and also fucking 

both boost positive chemflows 
into internal jihad 

more poetry should 
be for the broken and bruised, 
less for the bricked in 

embossed masters of fine art 
delude themselves for most part 

give me poetry 
written by dirtbags hiding 
out in bathroom stalls 

give me poetry written 
while riding the bus nowhere 

give me poetry 
grounded in taking each step 
with actual feet 

feeling each crack in sidewalks 
never seen from above clouds 

I walk to work now, 
when motivated; riding 
the bus when I'm not 

sharing space with parolees, 
homeless, crows, life's slow rollers 

I'd disappear if 
I could afford to, stealing 
moments back from work 

embezzling minutes for self 
I owe system by design 

could you miss a day 
of work, without pay, and still 
survive? week? month? year? 

look forward to retiring, 
six feet down, back into Earth 

"thank god it's Friday!" 
except there is no Friday, 
just more part-time work 

stitching multiple paychecks 
into insecurity 

"save more and spend less" 
assumes level of income 
without discretion 

"float a check for groceries" - 
computers killed my #protip 

like my bio says: 
Raven Mack is forever 
doomed to be zero 

my math: zero times zero 
times zero equals zero 

my math always fails; 
by payday, always full of 

insufficient funds, also 
insufficient hope - fuck it 

my emptiness full, 
my foolishness reckless yet 
refined, slowed by years 

crank bumps distant memory, 
I wake up already tired 

don't wanna be young 
again - value the knowledge 
all these scars gave me 

life's a maze - if you get stuck, 
fuck it, shortcut underground 

disappearance should 
never be removed from list 
of real life options 

the maze is complicated 
by design - do not get trapped 

easier said than 
done - responsibilities 
chains accumulate 

you'll find yourself weighed down by 
the untenable mundane 

not much actual 
life left to this concept of 
"making a living" 

though I may die, can't wait for 
this trick system to collapse 

freedom is just an 
other word for marketing 
slow death to dumb marks 

wave our little meaningless 
flags madly at each other 

nationalism - 
cartographer's science gone 
horribly astray 

yet I love Blue Ridge mountains - 
skinny thicc and succulent 

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