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Monday, July 2

World Cup Tanka: BRAZIL vs. MEXICO (Match 53)

Brazil's history 
as best non-European 
team looks to stay true 

but there's no loving Neymar 
and his quick-to-fall spirit 

Mexico has the 
full support of all dirtgods 
and dirtgoddesses 

American construction 
sites and kitchens sneak phone peeks 

early control of 
match in Brazil's favor; they 
simply play faster 

Mexico expended so 
much energy in group stage 

Neymar's theatrics 
so fucking tiring, but ref 
today rewards it 

Chicharito seems slowed down, 
Mexico playing on heels 

Layun in for old 
ass Rafa Marquez at half; 
it doesn't matter 

Willian speed burst feeds sweet 
cross to Neymar's stabbing feet 

El Tri's energy 
needs amphetamine spike, down 
one feels like twenty 

playing from behind, El Tri 
begins attacking harder 

an impotency 
to the Mexican attack; 
Layun stomps Neymar 

give me non-homophobic 
perjorative for Neymar 

despite how great he 
might be, he ruins football; 

Chucky Lozano migth be 
our last spirit warrior hope 

Neymar breakaway 
Brazilian bum rush feeds it 
to Firmino - goooolllllll

the better team put away 
a lesser team that was spent 

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