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Wednesday, July 11

SONG OF THE DAY: d0wn 0n th3 c0rn3r (45s on 33)

Had an epiphany last week about why I hate the hipster bearded, and it relates entirely unto Jimmy Valiant, who is depicted in this video I slapped together for 45s on 33 DJ 1000 Featherzzz slow down of CCR song. My childhood was shaped pretty hard by pro wrestling in general, but to be honest by Jimmy Valiant in particular. He was my Hulk Hogan, because he literally looked like a dude who would be drinking Miller pony bottles playing Spades with my folks. And Jimmy Valiant’s long-running feud was with Paul Jones, who in my mind, represents boss culture, supervisor culture, blue lives matter culture, that whole poison culture which seems to reign supreme right now and likely always has we just were better at deluding ourselves with a black President to pretend Public Enemy’s music actually made a difference.
Paul Jones wore a stupid tuxedo, and had masked assassins cut off Jimmy Valiant’s beard of power, beard of street people symbolism, beard of not give a fuck about mainstream ideals. The long unkempt beard is resistance to shineface philosophies, which want everything polished, new, redone, and valuable. And that is exactly what Paul Jones represented, which is why I was so emotionally invested in Boogie’s War with Paul Jones back then. It was the jihad of street people versus establishment, of dirtgods and earth goddesses vs. normalcy’s enforced order. This is still a theme, and we actually live in super perverted twisted times where people who think they are regular people have had their minds hijacked (or retrained, or poisoned too badly) into believing shineface interests actually represent the people. Both establishment political parties actively pursue this agenda, one more ominously than the other, but neither is down for truebeards or dirtgods or earth goddesses.
Anyways, it occurred to me last week in random twit-exchange with other twit compadres, that this is why I so strongly dislike hipster beardists, because they actually represent shineface philosophies (hence the “traditional” barber shops and beard oils and shit like that which makes economics somehow pop out of NOT FUCKING CUTTING THE HAIR ON YOUR FACE), and thus are part of Paul Jones Army. But they are performatively acting as though they are Jimmy Valiants.
Realizing this made me feel deeply unsettled, and I can’t promise I’m not gonna reverse the thinking behind part of this generated video I made, and study Hassan-I Sabbah’s teachings and attempt to develop cells of masked assassins to cut off falsebeards under the cover of shadow. I mean I probably won’t, because I don’t like forcing order on anything else, because I’ve seen how the universe has a way of checking that when you do it pretty quickly, and in fact I just barely avoided felony conviction at age 18 while attempting that. (Reduced to misdemeanor because white kid in college – the first time that being the first person in my family who went to college benefited me. Kept me out of jail. But also Paul Jones Army tempting me to switch sides, tempting me to take the gains and do like the Ragin’ Bull Manny Fernandez or Pistol Pez Whatley, and switch sides. But fuck that. Destroy this system – destroy the whole fucking thing.)

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