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Monday, July 2

World Cup Tanka: BELGIUM vs. JAPAN (Match 54)

top half of bracket 
absolutely stacked, but Belgium's 
still a contender 

no one's looked as good when they're 
firing on all cylinders 

Japan lawyer balled 
their way into knockout stage, 
and ain't samurais 

nonetheless, any team left 
has chance to tip apple cart 

no reason Belgium 
shouldn’t dominate this 
match most entirely 

they ought to King Leopold 
Japan as if the Congo 

they’re definitely 
probing early, controlling 

[perhaps Japanese tanka 
practice manifests shock] 

other than clearance, 
fancy FIFA ball rarely 
makes the far left end 

suddenly Japan attacks, 
which should help counter-attack 

except second half 
begins with Yamaguchi's 
shock goal breaking draw 

except no shock - Inui 
follows up with a second 

maybe I was too 
quick to dimiss them as not 
modern samurai 

they are outrunning Belgium; 
Vertonghen arcs high head goal 

afro Fellaini 
cleans up to equalize - 
we've got brand new match 

last minute of stoppage time, 
Japan takes a weak corner 

Courtois feeds bumrush, 
Lukaku plays big dummy, 
drawing defenders 

cross goes clean to Chadli's foot, 
who drives it home - Belgium wins 

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