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Sunday, July 1

World Cup Tanka: FRANCE vs. ARGENTINA (Match 49)

our first knockout match 
between pair of powers yet 
to hit their full stride 

two teams with good odds to win 
it all - only one moves on 

France feels like race car 
yet to be opened up full 
throttle thus far in Cup 

Pogba's inspiration - as 
usual - a talking point 

Messi lined up as 
false 9, meaning Sampaoli 
set up to take fall 

Argentina's not looked good - 
here, or in qualifying 

Iranian ref 
likely to "let them play" - a 
theme in this World Cup 

Messi writhing from to tap, 
ref side eyes him with disgust 

Mbappe tackled 
in box, Griezmann easily 
converts penalty 

France far faster - Argentine 
defense tackling from behind 

France dominates but 
suddenly Di Maria 
nails equalizer 

first knockout tied up at half, 
disheveled quick after break 

foul free kick from side, 
Messi fires ricochet blast, 
redirected in 

just like that, Argentina's 
a goal up - yet not for long 

Pavard with missile 
strike to tie back up at 
around one-hour mark 

Mbappe (only nineteen) 
blasts in a third, then fourth 

finally we see 
full force France, and Messi is 

Maradona remains the 
soul solo star to be king 

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