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Tuesday, July 3

World Cup Tanka: COLOMBIA vs. ENGLAND (Match 56)

my Colombian 
friend's oddly somber and calm, 
against her nature 

"I cannot get excited" 
she explains, in yellow kit 

no love for English, 
despite my American 
whiteness assignment 

rather be American 
in twin continental sense 

whenever either 
team flirts with box entry, the 
other defends well 

early stages are just two 
teams internally probing 

sports euphemisms 
are either sexual or 
based upon battle 

I am a romantic at heart, 
thus also an erotic 

Harry Kane looks an 
insufferable asshole, 
falling for free kicks 

the English match plan appears 
to be fall down and free kick 

this theme remains in 
place second half, penalty 
for a barely foul 

Kane converts, rewarded for 
false football philosophy 

where is Falcao's long 
hair? Samson mentalities 
please true football gods 

we live in horribly corrupt 
age, with all culture compromised 

strong metaphysic 
blow from the football gods off 
Yerry Mina's head 

extra time, extra drama - 
drained cramping legs suffer more 

the football gods so 
cruel - giving hope then snuffing 
out just as quickly 

colonial knockouts - world 
cup's mostly European 

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