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Monday, July 9

SONG OF THE DAY: It Ain't Fair

Was reading about a local ass unite the right organizing ass chump this weekend, who was schooled at same shithole rural school which had harassed my offspring this past year, and contemplating the subtle differences between whiteboy and white male, how the entitlement of white male is often lost thru transition to whiteboy status, going from male to boy, economically emasculated, often times within penal system, but also learning not as much difference between skin tone as most assume. Being this is the internet, plz allow me to clarify not denying the presence of white privilege, but just saying even within white spectrum there’s difference between white male and whiteboy and also not even really trying to discuss it unless some white dude wants to argue, and even then I ain’t arguing pon the internet.
I say all this because I’ve seen a number of white males, seemingly progressive, do the social media two-step joke complaint about not being able to have free speech enough, or “lol am I not supposed to buy a second house is that too capitalist for you lefties?” or “wow don’t wanna trigger anybody” and this is ppl who consider themselves progressive or the voices of righteousness or at the very least in that choir. Guess what? It doesn’t fuckin’ matter what you think, and sure you can say or do whatever the fuck you want ultimately, law is just some shit to dance around nobody knows that more than white males, but there’s always repercussions. And sometimes you got no control over those repercussions, and yeah sometimes it’s not even fair. That’s because fair is a myth, and entirely subjective, and law never has anything to do with fair, ever, unless it’s lucky. Neither does social media. So if you say or do some shit and ppl get ruffled or you look like a bougie ass fucking white male because your hard work coming up honest sweat looks like gentrification to somebody else, fuck it. If you’re living decent, in your actions, decent folk will treat with you respect. This tip-toeing into alt right talking points about free speech or bootstraps is some bullshit. Stop being so fucking white male. There is nothing fair about life other than what we all build together, and even that’s bound to get fucked up. You are owed nothing, I am owed nothing, none of us are owed nothing, other than the respect we earn from others. Yeah, ideally at basic sense we all treat each other with basic levels of respect as fellow humans with valuable life and human potential, but to be honest that’s been pretty fucked up in all levels of civilization, so hard to understand why anybody would be shocked by the lack of that, much less white males. Of course it ain’t fair. It never was.
And if you see dirtgod and gotta identify me by race, please out of respect, if I’ve earned it from you, call me a whiteboy not a white male. As a whiteboy, I fuckin’ hate white males. That’s boss culture, khaki and polo shirt culture, docksider culture. I’m way too cursive tattoo to identify with that shit. But also, life ain’t fair, so judge me however the fuck you feel compelled to. I’m gonna be the same raggedy ass dirtgod raven mack regardless. Salam.

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