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Tuesday, July 3

World Cup Tanka: SWEDEN vs. SWITZERLAND (Match 55)

somewhat indiff'rent 
towards Sweden, though I do love 
underdogs, always 

maternal grandmother was 
Swedish/Norwegian/some shit 

fell in love with Swiss 
team during their Serbian 
group stage encounter 

existence diaspora 
convened in mountain nation 

Sweden comes out gate 
with early probing of goal, 
Yann Sommer stands tall 

whole first half is ebb and flow 
without climactic finish 

this continues through 
second half - nothing of note, 
nothing horrible 

perhaps I'm suffering from 
football burnout; I am bored 

finally Forsberg 
forces constant Swedish probes 
to result in goal 

Yann Sommer would've had it, 
but defender deflection 

Sweden seems good bit 
more bout it bout it than Swiss, 
staying on attack 

not sure what Swiss plan is here, 
seem to be stuck on defense 

into final ten 
minutes of regular time, the 
Swiss appear frantic 

still remarkably at ease 
considering circumstance 

Rodriguez header 
in extra time almost draws 
level - Olsen save 

last second red card foul just 
outside box does the Swiss in 

was it lackluster 
performance by them? or did 
the Swedes dominate? 

doesn't matter - just look at 
the scoreboard motherfucker 

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