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Sunday, July 1

World Cup Tanka: URUGUAY vs. PORTUGAL (Match 50)

Uruguay oddly 
seemed uninspired in group stage, 
yet undefeated 

quietly dominant, led 
by aging bastard Suarez 

despite Ronaldo's 
presence, Portugal's World Cup 
history lacking 

only twice beyond this round, 
only once with Ronaldo 

very early on, 
Cavani to Suarez back 

all the way across pitch, back 
and forth, beautiful combo 

Uruguay defense 
nearing six hundred minutes 
since allowing goal 

Suarez almost snuck second 
underneath haphazard wall 

then that same stifling 
defense falls asleep on short 
corner, second half 

Pepe's ugly ass heads home 
the sudden equalizer 

Ronaldo pushing 
with an urgent energy 
not seen with Messi 

but Suarez to Cavani 
strikes again, beautifully 

Muslera fumbles 
and Portugal nearly ties, 
but no - shanked skywards 

Cavani limping, helped off 
pitch leaning on Ronaldo 

Portuguese coach looks 
like '70s cop show boss, 
so damn frustrated 

I give Ronaldo credit - 
he's playing hard, not flopping 

but nothing connects - 
late minute attrition, with 
four minutes added 

dramatic corner kick wild 
sequence... Ronaldo's finished  

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