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Sunday, July 1

World Cup Tanka: SPAIN vs. RUSSIA (Match 51)

Spanish side survived 
coaching instability 
with weaker group draw 

on paper (or website) should 
be far better than Russia 

Russian team playing 
with house money, advancing 
past expectations 

Russia has chance for upset - 
back room ruble influence 

set piece tragedy - 
falling Russian elder gets 
own goaled from behind 

Ramos always in middle 
of questionable bullshit 

Pique handball on 
corner kick allows Dyuba 
to tie it back up 

national stadium home 
crowd going fuckin' bonkers 

start of second half, 
Russian crowd roaring with each 
possession's advance 

Spanish side grinding to halt, 
seeming to lack a spark plug 

Russia makes their third 
substitution with thirty 
minutes still to play 

that's minimum - extra time 
now allows for a fourth change 

sub Iniesta 
almost scores late minute punch, 
but a stretching save 

extra time situation, 
in cramping humidity 

Russian legs appear 
exhausted, but fighting for 
penalty shoot-out 

Russian defense - as real life - 
stubborn, stifling, resistant 

in a pouring rain, 
we have penalty finish - 
testing keepers' wills 

amazing fifth penalty 
kick save - Russia slays Spain! 

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