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Friday, July 13

SONG OF THE DAY: Sex and Violence

One time back in the day I worked with an older dude who I used to go get high with, I was high school but mature, he was adult but immature. Lol he introduced me to weird shit like the Werner Herzog documentary on Rev. Gene Scott, and also he gave me a giant fat stack of old records of his, which included the Exploited, and I'm pretty sure I still have that record today, though to be honest my records are at my old house so who the fuck knows. Anyways, my dad and I still had weird arrangement where he sort of looked the other way on my actions and behaviors, but my folks were separated and I slept at my dad's a lot because it was just him in his shitty trailer for the most part. At one point local dirtweed scene was somewhat dry but I had some weed, couple ounces I think, and sold half ounce to the dude who gave me the Exploited record, so took the weed from middle bedroom in dad's trailer and took to other end of county for that other dude.
Then like a day later my dad came back, after a long complaining dry spell of no dirtweed, with a brand new quarter ounce from that dude's house. So that is the story of how a quarter ounce of shitty weed went one bedroom down the hallway of the shitty trailer my dad and I shared.

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