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Saturday, March 19

MNZ: National Doll World Nov/Dec 1987

So I got a stack of magazines from some dude on the Ebays, and got some old doll magazines thrown into the mix. I use them for pictures that I add to my shoebox of images that is being used for the Rojonekku Psychic Trigger tumblr that will update once a week, to keep the wandering disciples of the Rojonekku Philosophy pointed in different directions in their various meanders. Anyways, these doll magazines are creepy as fuck as it is, with one having a design for a veiled Saudi Arabian doll (different times!). But I just happened to accidentally thumb backwards to an article of a little girl who looks like she's probably in some sort of office job now, holding a doll with a little hole in the middle. So here is the article, in its entirety, which disturbed me immensely.
A Deadly Doll by Maxine Hiett
Shown in the picture is 10-year-old Stephanie Kaiser, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kaiser, holding what looks to be a beautiful little 9" Japanese doll.
This doll was found by Stephanie's grandfather, Lloyd M. Chatt, when he served with the U.S. Marine Corps in the South Pacific during World War II.
These dolls were filled (in the hole center, shown in pictures) with explosives and used as mines. If a soldier saw one and picked it up to take home to his little girl or a loved one, it would explode and kill him.
Mr. Chatt happened to get into a warehouse where these dolls were stored and had not yet been filled with explosives. The doll was given to Stephanie by her grandmother, Frances Chatt, after the death of her grandfather.

Good stuff, hunh? Nice uplifting story for a young doll aficionado. And our human ability to trick each other into death and dismemberment has only gotten more creative and advanced and destructive since then.

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