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Thursday, March 17

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown - March '11 #9: "Soul Glo (The Knocks Remix)" by Paper Route Gangstaz

My wife is an herbalist, so she makes tinctures from plants that can help your brain not be so screwy, not to mention help actual physical ailments. She has often offered to make me brain tonics, but I'm just not good about remembering to do things like that. I was good about rubbing goldenrod oil on my back when it started spasming out while working on a ladder, but brain medications... I have always felt like mind over matter is the only way to go for a true alpha-to-omega mind like my own.
Of course, the modern world is buzzing and humming with electronic tomfoolery perhaps not completely meant to but definitely does cloud up the natural rhythms of the natural alpha-to-omega mind. I am not going to get conspiratorial and say this has been done on purpose, and we are all being weakened, maybe not to simply buy things in some sort of capitalist agenda, or to thin us out as the earth is becoming more overtaxed of its resources. Actually yeah, I am saying that. Look at fucking Japan right now, unleashing radiation into the atmosphere, perhaps building to a full-blown China Syndrome (which would actually be New York Syndrome if it happened in Japan, because burning through the core of the earth with toxic radioactive materials to the other side would go there instead... which is interesting that New York and Tokyo are on opposite sides of the earth, of course I have not looked this up on a map at all, so no need to correct me... I am just saying), and having had conversational interactions secondhand with someone who has suggested to me they security clearance access to things and that they know for a fact there have been immunizations tainted with cancer causing agents given to poor people, and that the Gates Foundation is a massive cultural engineering front for performing just such things in the third world...
Wait, this is the wrong direction. My wife made me a herbal tincture to help me focus on not getting caught up in the three thousand things that swirl through my head that I MUST ATTEND TO NOW ALL AT ONCE and to calm myself and handle my business in the thoroughly efficient and gangsta ass ways that I do when my alpha-to-omega mind is not jumbled by the buzzes and hums. And getting caught up in disaster porn or irradiation of the earth fears, that is buzz and hum. Thinking globally and acting locally may make a wonderful bumper sticker for Subaru stationwagons, but it is not a way to live your actual life. The World is huge, and it is impossible, even with the interwebs, to build community with the whole goddamned thing. You have to focus at what is at hand, take care of what needs to be taken care of, and move forward with that. So my wife made me an herbal mix for just such things, to take a few times a day, keep myself from getting fetal positioned out inside my cerebrum, and she called it Soul Shine Tonic because she gives them all names. This of course made me think of this "Soul Glo" song from the Fear & Loathing in Hunts Vegas mixtape from a couple years back that helped launch the Huntsville, Alabama, rap scene onto the world. Of course, that rap scene is a perfect example of thinking locally and acting globally, because for years and years, a solid and thickly intertwined underground scene was built, to the point there's nothing else like it going on right now for the most part, at least not to the extent Huntsville was doing it. Then they blasted out from that, through the interwebs, and now G-Side can get paid to go hang out in Norway, and Jackie Chain can get comp drinks in clubs from Charlotte to San Antone.
So let your soul shine fellow e-folks. Get your hands dirty in your own back yard, and leave the grime on your fingertips when you log into your cyberbot, and let that real soul grime slink into the belly of the beast. Live locally and pollute (the good kind of pollution) globally. But without the local foundation, you can't support the global aspiration. This is why I dremel Rojonekku poems into guard rails throughout southside and central Virginia. This weekend will be my first trip since being injured in January, since it's warm. I try to do a hundred guard rails a weekend, fifty per day, but if you get a good day going, you can knock most all of it out on a wide circle drive Saturday afternoon, and then top it off locally on Sunday morning with the last ten or so, then hit the dumpsters at the Food Lions, come home slop the pigs their Sunday feast, and sit in the back yard trying to figure out if the horizon is as askew as it feels, and how you can use the transmission from the old Datsun and a half-used spool of dry-rotted electrical wire to build a homemade Tesla coil to jam the buzzes and hums on at least part of your five acres.
STEAL "Soul Glo"
I will be writing about Bob Dylan, which seems pretty shameful to me!

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