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Friday, March 4

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown - March '11 #13: "Ya Se Ha Muerto Mi Abuelo" by Juaneco Y Su Combo

Chicha music is drug music from Peru. This of course means the internet in the far, dusty, nerdboy I LOVE CRAZY WACKY MUSICS corners of things, chicha is a very popular thing. There are a thousand people who ABSOLUTELY LOVE CHICHA MUSIC, me included. We are the chosen uber-dorks of strange musical sub-genres. We anxiously listen to collections of songs from Moroccan cellphones, and we trip the fuck out over some Greek dude from 1930 because of a song on The Wire that one year with all the dockworker bullshit. Every popular American song from the beginning of Billboard charts should be chopped and screwed, and I do mean AND, because just slowing it down is not doing DJ Screw's legacy right. We absolutely shit ourselves over vinyl, yet for some reason spend vast chunks of our lives scouring 19 Layers of Music Blogs for intriguing digital zip/rar collections of something we've never heard of, but sounds like it could exist, and looks cool. We think Third World people are more pure, just because. We tend to embrace made up terms for shit that barely exists, like dubstep or chillwave, until the rest of the interwebz eventually catches up to the slang, usually because of The Fader. We dream of being able to do a Pitchfork Media type site where we give every cassette we can find in flea markets from Nigeria to Bolivia to Turkey and back to the Philippines, swinging through the ethnic suburban ghettos of Europe, and probably liking something else that they only do in a twelve-block radius in either Chicago, Detroit, or Baltimore, along the way. It is our purpose.
I share this chicha song, by the kings of chicha - Juaneco and his combo, and their song "Ya Se Ha Muerto Mi Abuelo" because I have dug long and hard, not only to find all these things, but wasted large amounts of my life listening to them, trying to determine what is truly awesome and what is just some bullshit that should've stayed lost in obscurity. The song title translates roughly into "since my grandfather has died," which I would assume means the dude is getting fucked up on chicha root drinks, hallucinating his way through his sadness, looking for spirit vines to grab onto and swing into a more elderly wisdom that he feels has been taken from him due to gramps passing on to the next level of the game. We all feel that loss in our culturally specific ways, and self-medicate as necessary. Personally, I don't think there's nearly enough psychotropic plant use in our daily lives.
STEAL "Ya Se Ha Muerto Mi Abuelo"
More of the best damn soul voice to ever be soulful about shit!

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