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Thursday, March 3

L.E.o.R. - Spring '11 - Day One - 80 to 40

So rather than go through the entire background of this Learned Elders of Rojonekku that I am building, both in real life in a physical building that is already wheatpasted with giant images of Jimmy Valiant and Charles Manson and has naked Polaroids of women tacked up to the walls, and in this internet home. Look, you should probably just know that there's a ton of places I am putting my hands. I have many irons in multiple fires, and what you see on this website is just a fat slice of it that I like to shoot out to the world, because not all of us can sit together on the compound, or ride to the Power Sites in Meherrrin, in Schuyler, in north Georgia, or take a Greyhound to the new spot in Wisconsin. But Rojonekku is where I give glimpses at the larger picture. It'll all come together in the coming years. We are building something, and things like this take time.
Anyways, The Learned Elders of Rojonekku is a sort of Hall of Fame to inspire the kids who are students of the Rojonekku way. Click the link there to see who is in it and all. And you can click this link for last fall's initial process of initiation. Thing is, I can't remain stagnant in methods, ever. This is how I've ridden so many back roads, because I don't enjoy taking the same path too many times. So for spring of 2011, we again have 80 candidates, many of them repeats from last fall, many of them new, and I'll have them go head-to-head to narrow it down 80 to 40, 40 to 20, 20 to 10, and then 10 to the 5 who will join the Learned Elders list of inspirational and great and crazy living human beings upon this earth, so far as we know, to the best of our ability. But last time I matched them up myself according to being of similar cultural fields or backgrounds. This time I've decided to straight match them up alphabetically, just because. I've also decided to revisit my choice of who would be more important to my little weird Hall of Fame on a daily basis, because of the very fact my methods change, daily even. Sleep on it and look at it from a different angle tomorrow and see how it changes or remains the same. So the 80 to 40 and 40 to 20 rounds will be best of 3 match-ups, and 20 to 10 and 10 to 5 will be best of 5 days match-ups, hitting the pair of figures from a different perspective, and see how it all muddies up and eventually clears out, like swimming in an undredged pond.
I shall start this process tomorrow (or the next day... you know how it goes), and I enjoy the comments back and wacky discussions. Feel free to open my mind to whatever you think I may be missing. Or call me a fool. Or cheer me on in whatever it is I am doing here. Do what feels good to you.

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