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Thursday, March 3

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown - March '11 Intro

It is March, and the cold and warm bounces back and forth but there's been rain mixed in there now and then so the ground is starting to perk with the first bright greens of the 2011 calendar box. 2011 has seemingly not been a good year for me thus far, what with physical maladies following each other like waves in the ocean, each one with a little more riptide to it. But it's actually been a good year - I'm on a good personal path, and life feels lighter than it's felt in a long time.
This is the first time with the J.J. Krupert nonsense that I've actually been caught up enough that I can switch back to one a day because the end of the month I'm writing about songs is not like tomorrow night. I've been techno-babbling a lot on here lately, in addition to other projects going on behind the curtains, and it is an immense mess that can be hard to sift through because if you don't look at the site but once every three weeks, there's like 39 new things and you're like "what the fuck?" This is a strange website in that you sort of keep immersed into my tangents and habits, which of course change constantly, because I am a changeling at heart.
I want you to know though, it is springtime. We shall start playing music in the back yard through the camper trailer speakers soon. Horseshoes shall start clanging before you know it. Gardens going in, new chickens to the flock, kids chasing each other around on frankenstein bicycles... life is good. We wanted snow fencing to wrap around a vegetable garden to keep the chickens out and today on the side of the road was a dude selling a roll of brand new snow fencing for $20. Shit works out, not matter how screwed up it seems. That's the essence of spring. Fuck needing a god to be reborn - I can do it every year. Start fresh and get some new dirt on my hands.
FIRST UP: Who don't love them some Peruvian drug music!

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Anonymous said...

Favorite picture. Spring makes the world go round, I'm SO FUCKING EXCITED to experience a southern spring again I can't tell you