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Friday, March 11

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown - March '11 #10: "El Bandido Generoso" by Chalino Sanchez

It has become painfully obvious to me in recent months of doing these lists that I listen to far too much obscure Latin music. I am not sure why this is. Hell, since I stopped working construction, my Spanish has broken down to next to nothing. I can teach the kids basic things, but I can't rotototototo my way through broken conversations like I used to. Plus all I work with now is Chinapeople, and I haven't even begun to crack that code. I always thought I'd want to learn Chinese, more to translate old T'ang poets, to have my own firsthand versions of the guys I loved like Han Shan and Tu Fu. Instead I'm trying to understand insane scientific China people who I am supposed to be collaborating with, but I always fear they are secretly talking about me. I have always assumed that, partially because when I did learn Spanish and would work on jobsites, you'd sometimes be around dudes who did not think the average gringo could speak, so you'd hear them talking shit about you or about other people, and you'd let it slide until you found a highly comedic or punctuated moment to reveal you were with them along. I can't do that with China people. Do they have crazy Chinese gangster folk musicians who get shot in opium dens? Seems like China's done a good job of speed gentrifying whatever they deem unsightly.
Anyways, here is another Chalino Sanchez song. This one is about a generous bandit. Mexicans love stories like that, because they tend to read newspapers where people have had their heads chopped off and the bodies are dumped on school playgrounds for children to find. I guess it helps them feel safe to like music like this. Chalino is most famous because he was the second of three men to get Jenifer Lopez pregnant, only for her to have an abortion because it was not the right career move (Puff Diddy Dog was another), which put her in the strong Latina desire to settle down with an abusive and mongrel-looking man with solid virility. God bless family, you know.
STEAL "El Bandido Generoso"
I continue to speak about Alabama rap as it sets up a dangerous motorcycle jump over top a water tank with a real live great white shark inside!

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Anonymous said...

man i went to school with a Chinese punk rocker and he would get all up in arms about punk rock and tell us we were shit because we had nothing to rebel against, not any thing like Communism, our rants about the rich and gentrification, and yuppies and corporatism, paled in comparison to the iron fist of china commies. he was just as wrapped up in what he thought was cool shit to be mad about which is the heart and soul of punk rock. so i didn't feel bad about not having communism to rebel against and u don't get shot fuckin' with yuppies