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Wednesday, September 20

Aki Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 10: ISHIURA (2-8)

(Ishiura lookin' silly out here)

Ishiura, for 
the love of the forest gods, 
please eat your fish broth 

your miniscule missile launch 
style has become comedic 

other rikishi 
predict its arrival, so 
please eat your fish broth 

fill your chankonabe bowl 
up with seconds, thirds, fourths, fifths 

wrestling under shoot 
name, driving your McLaren - 
the novelty’s gone 

less than a year removed from 
your fighting spirit award 

something is missing - 
and perhaps added stones will 
help uncover it 

so Ishiura, please eat 
your chankonabe with gust 

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