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Tuesday, September 19

Aki Basho 2017 Honour Tanka Day 7: TAKANOIWA (5-2)

(slow motion absorption of open handed slaps)

a glorious day 
seven slobberknocker with 
vicious slaps galore 

Takanoiwa absorbed 
attacking energies well 

resilient big 
boy in the true big boy sport - 
sumo, ya bitches 

after slapfest was over, 
Takanoiwa waited 

when Kagayaki 
fell forward with a feeble 
attack - game over 

Takanoiwa tossed my 
boy, then stood victorious 

(watch full video, 
and see him twist his face like 
“damn, motherfucker”) 

(still though, “damn, motherfucker” 
with those bonus envelopes) 

[full match below, had to google in Japanese again, 
internet gentrification creates western hegemony]

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